Manual Physical Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is a proven and effective group of techniques designed to decrease pain and improve range of motion and flexibility to stiff joints, muscles and in some cases the nervous system.

What does Manual Physical Therapy involve?

Manual physical therapy involves one-on-one, hands-on, active and passive intervention techniques. We have found the treatment provides the most benefit when combined with therapeutic exercise and patient education.

How is Manual Therapy approached at COAST Physical Therapy Specialists?

Before designing a treatment program, your physical therapist will first assess posture, functional movements related to your specific problem, joint alignment and mobility; muscle length, strength and balance; and the movement coordination of any injured joints and muscles in functional patterns, as well as a full neurological screening. In short, we want to see how your injury or condition has impacted how you move and work, and determine how best to return your joints and soft tissue to optimal function.

Two key components of your manual physical therapy treatment will involve mobilization and manipulation – skilled, passive movements to joints and their associated soft tissue structures. Other hands-on techniques may also be used, such as massage, stretching, deep pressure and nerve mobilization. In addition, there are several therapeutic techniques designed to improve movement patterns, including neuromuscular re-education, motor control training and core stabilization training. These techniques require advanced training and education that can only be provided by a skilled physical therapist.

What is the goal of Manual Therapy?

The goal of manual physical therapy is the restoration of injured or dysfunctional tissues to normal function. Once your pain and or stiffness has been reduced and joint mobility improved, it will become easier for you to regain optimal and efficient movement patterns and strength, and restore maximum function.

Who will benefit from Manual Therapy?

Individuals with a variety neurorthopedic conditions/dysfunctions that result in disorders of movement, strength or neurological function will benefit from manual physical therapy. We have found that manual physical therapy combined with therapeutic exercise can provide rapid pain relief and improvement in function.